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2014 The 13th China International Exhibition inverter and related products Development Forum

Time:2015-2-3【Print】 【Return

Dates: 15-17 May 2014

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition

Booth: K53

 I Division, as exhibitors will attend the show, then please come to visit our customers.

2014 The 13th China International Exhibition on the inverter and related products May 15, 2014 -17 days in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 2 held at the exhibition by Shanghai Electric Association, the China Electrotechnical Institute of Electrical energy conservation professionals Commission, China Trade Promotion Committee Shanghai Pudong Branch jointly. The exhibition mainly to promote products: high, medium and low voltage inverter, energy-saving inverter, inverter tension control, vector control inverter, AC drive, simple inverter, engineering-type converter, universal converter, single-phase inverter, servo drive systems, controllers, and other medium voltage soft starterWith the development of inverter technology, businesses are inextricably linked with the drive, such as medicine, communications, transportation, electricity, electronics, environmental protection and so on. To be able to synchronize with the future development of inverter technology, our company as PCB suppliers to participate in the exhibition, during the exhibition, showing the characteristics of our PCB board to attract a lot of customers come to watch. Exhibition site, our staff take full advantage of this opportunity to visit with customers to communicate, passion for customer patiently answer questions about the PCB process knowledge. The exhibition, in order to expand the market and promote the company's reputation-based, to learn more about the drive market development.



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